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Define the
combat style

With our unique combo's editor... and kill them in the most decisive way you can imagine. ¿Did someone say FINISHERS?

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Feel the
Quick RPG

Customize any element of the character and gameplay. Weapons? Items? Action or stealth?

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and improve

Now you own the destiny of the warriors. Decide what to improve with their customized skill trees and unique war arsenal.

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the adventure

Replaying the story never felt so different with the multiple map paths and vast exploration options.

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Age: 29 years old
Class: Ronin
Background: He comes from a military lineage. He fled from the battle leaving his fellows behind. He drinks to forget. His soon was murdered by the demons of the First Hierarchy.


Age: 32 years old
Class: Hunter and arrogant.
Background: Temperamental and grumpy. He was defeated and humilliated in Stocklif. He has frequent nightmares in which his wife is burned alive by Imperial soldiers.


Age: 23 years old
Class: Amazon Woman
Background: Rebellious nature and promiscuos attitude. She hides that she was voted out of the tribe because of her "unbecoming conduct" and decides to regain her honour by saving Princess Hazulka.


The origin of the legend

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