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Our passionate dream come true: HOLMGANG


Since I was 8 years old, I had the dream of working in the videogame sector. It’s been already long time since then and after more than 10 years of experience in the sector -with the ups and downs that it implies-, and with much work and sacrifice, both mine and Juan’s (my partner), I’m proud of presenting today HOLMGANG: Memories of the Forgotten, our first own project of Zerouno Games as studio.

For some years we’ve been publishing amazing videogames for PC and consoles, some of them with an innovative game play, while others with magic stories, but all of them with something in common: they’re made with lot of care. Thanks to that and learning from what we’re creating day by day in this industry, the whole path has led us to team up with great professionals of the sector, both in production and design of videogames, and artists and programmers of outstanding quality. We can’t forget the great marketing and communication team we have, whose task is to make known worldwide little by little the different projects we managed in Zerouno Games.

HOLMGANG is the icing on the cake. It is a high-quality project on which all our thrill is focused. It is nourished by the experience of the great national and international team we have formed. The project came up when we met David Cabrera. He introduced his Dragon Nindenn-Ka-Yh books to us. After reading them, we decided to propose a transmedia project based on his vast universe.

With HOLMGANG we don’t want to reinvent the wheel of video games, but we do want make use of our experience, dedication and savoir-faire of the subject considering that many of us have worked in projects such as Castlevania Lord of Shadows: Mirror of Fate, Halo, FIFA 2004, DOFUS, Wakfu and even the classic Commandos. That’s why we wish to transmit our passion to all the players through a video game that look more like a work of art that we can enjoy like never before. This game mixes the basis of the Hack’n Slash, with touches of Quick RPG and a story that will leave you flabbergasted.

We are so excited to undertake this project and we’re open to listen to all the community so that the game thrill, amaze and amuse the enthusiasts of action games. We want to transmit our passion and we’ll do it as we know: with care and dedication.

See you soon!

– Bernardo Hernández

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